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Welcome to New Vision

New Vision for Independence, your local 501(c)(3), nationally accredited community organization, provides services for people with low vision or blindness in Lake and Sumter Counties and The Villages. Services are offered at no cost to eligible participants. If you can't find what you're looking for on our website, please don't hesitate to call us at (352) 435-5040.

This video was produced via a cost-sharing grant from Salt & Light Productions.

Our Mission

New Vision for Independence is committed to excellence in providing rehabilitation, community education, and support services for people with low vision or blindness, and their families, to promote independence, acceptance, and self-acceptance.

New Vision logo, photos of a boy, a teenage girl, a man, and an elderly man
A testimonial from Mr. Church:

Since losing his vision, Mr. Church's golf game suffered, which was significant for him -- golf was one of his favorite hobbies. Program Manager Jenna Pruett, CVRT, demonstrated a "low vision" golf ball which has a mirrored quality to it. She gave him one to try and told him she'd check back in a few weeks.

Man holding an iridescent orange golf ball "When I saw him next he had quite a story to tell," Jenna recounts. 

He said he was on the Churchill course in The Villages with his wife and he hit a hole-in-one on the third hole! He explained that when you complete a game in which you got a hole-in-one, you are asked to fill out a form as proof with witnesses signatures. When his wife began filling in the information, the attendant told her she couldn't do it, that he had to if he made the hole-in-one. She said, "He can't, he's blind." The attendant stammered, "...but he hit a hole-in-one..." The other couple they golfed with vouched for him and the attendant was amazed.

Mr. Church had to retire his golf ball after his ace (golf tradition), but plans to get more like it.

Getting Started

New Vision's services are available to individuals who meet the following guidelines:

  1. The individual has a severe bilateral visual impairment (affecting both eyes).
  2. The impairment affects the individual's daily living, educational, and/or vocational goals.
  3. The individual can benefit from services.

To get started, visit our Services page for an application.

Boy in a wheel chair feels a Braille book, man wearing a backpack holding a white cane, teenage girl stirring food in a potKoltin, Scott, and Melinda

How You Can Help

... a visually impaired child learn to read
    $25  purchases two Braille storybooks
    $50  sponsors group story time
  $100  provides a week of instruction to the child and family

... a legally blind man learn to take the bus to college
    $10  covers bus fare during training
    $25  purchases a white cane
  $100  sponsors one lesson of mobility  training to start learning bus travel

… a teenager with low vision learn to make dinner
    $25  purchases food & other supplies
  $100  provides instruction in kitchen safety
  $250  sponsors an overnight training activity

Connect With Us

9501 US Hwy 441,
Leesburg, FL 34788

Lake-Sumter State College,
Lake Hall, Room 140

(352) 435-5040


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New Vision awarded grants from Universal Orlando Foundation, United Way for blind services

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